Founded by David Seliktar, True Eagle is a great tasting American Made energy drink designed to help create jobs for America’s veterans. We strongly believe in consumer social responsibility, which is why every time you purchase a can of True Eagle you are not just buying another beverage, you are investing in our nation’s heroes and their families.


Supporting ‘Made in U.S.A.’ has been a longstanding mission for our founder, a concept which became more apparent while he was searching for children’s products for his kids. To avoid unsafe, imported products that were being recalled in mass quantities, he began searching for products made in the USA. To his surprise, it was not an easy task! This was the inspiration to create This e-commerce site not only provides safe and high quality American goods, but it also serves as a forum devoted to rehabilitating our economy and bringing Made in U.S.A. back to the forefront.


David continued to build and expand on what he started with KeepAmerica by launching True Eagle. This innovative brand is designed to harness the strength and appeal of the energy drink sector to facilitate veteran employment and give back to Gold Star families. Ten percent of proceeds of True Eagle sold will be donated to the Folded Flag Foundation: an organization dedicated to helping the families of our fallen heroes with scholarships and other grants! By partnering with the Folded Flag Foundation, the vision for True Eagle takes one step closer to becoming a reality.